Visitors Lead Capture

Enhanced Lead Capture Service

Add Enhanced 1-800, SMS and TXT Lead Capture Service with Call Capture and Click To Call on every one of your property sites to give Buyers access to automated property information… and Capture MORE Leads!

Enhanced Lead Capture Service sets up an automated interactive property-information hotline for buyers, using a unique extension code for each of your listings. Your Sign Riders, Open House Sign or other materials, instruct buyers how to receive property information via the call in 1-800 (or local) number, or by sending a direct Text request to the designated short code. The Buyer instantly receives an SMS Text Mobile Listed property site and can then interact with the automated system to hear additional recorded information on the property or even finance options. Their contact information is captured for your follow up. When Buyers call, scan or text you get leads. There are no limits on numbers of calls or leads generated.

Easy To Use with a regular phone call
Accessible to all with a simple Call In to a 1-800 number

An EXTENSION (e.g. 1000) will be assigned to each listing site, which allows consumers to call to get information.
They will be sent a TXT message for instant access to property listing link via the mobile property site. This also includes option to hear recorded messages from you about the property and your loan officer about financing… and call and connect with you too

  1. Buyer calls in and enters property EXTENSION
  2. Buyer texts and enters property EXTENSION
  3. Buyer is sent an immediate SMS TEXT with property details and link to mobile site
  4. Buyer gets options to receive further information
  5. YOU are notified about the caller, their actions and their contact details
  6. All captured leads are also shown in your Inquiry and Leads center too
  7. Unlimited calls and lead capture
  8. Re-use EXTENSIONs if you wish to do so!

All inquiries are captured and you will be sent an immediate alert with the caller’s phone details and a log of actions they performed so you can quickly follow up on all leads!

Click-To-Call — included for free!

A click-to-call interactive button will be added to every site.



If you already have a Click-To-Call service, you can use our Click-To-Call as well as, or instead of, your own service. This choice can be done on a per-profile basis if required.

The Click-To-Call service ONLY applies to your Mobile Listed sites. If you want to use Click-To-Call services on other web pages or emails then we recommend getting your own Click-To-Call account.



  1. The Enhanced Lead Capture Service will automatically assign a property EXTENSION to each site, and add a click-to-call lead capture option on each of your live sites.
  2. The Click-To-Call Service is for country code +1 only and will connect callers with the designated phone number of the primary contact for each listing site.
  3. The designated number for each person can be changed in his or her Profile.
  4. This service can only be used for your Property Sites.
  5. You may also use your own Click-To-Call service where such services are supported.
  6. If you change your Subscription Level then the Enhanced Lead Capture Service fee will also change accordingly.
  7. As with all subscription services, you may CANCEL, upgrade, or downgrade this service at ANY time using the Change Subscription button on the Manage Sites page.